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Previously just a news section, this part of the website it now the blog for photographer Mark McNulty and will include posts for both personal and commercial work and projects in areas such as Liverpool, Dolgarrog, Snowdonia, Merseyside, Wirral, Cheshire and other parts of the North West Uk and North Wales as well as some posts from travel related photography trips. Work posted will include music festivals, art events and various popular culture related posts. 

Twelfth Night

It’s the summer and I’ve been back in Chester for the Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre and this year’s opening show, Twelfth Night. Always a pleasure working alongside Storyhouse, and the Shakespeare comedy has always been my highlight of the summer programme.

Whilst I’m not one for posting anything too technical on my blogs, I was working with some newish kit on this shoot and it’s proved to me that the Fuji X cameras work perfect for these sort of situations, namely running around during the show and trying to keep as quiet and unobtrusive as possible. So, small and very quiet cameras are perfect for the job and the latest models (XT3 and X-H1) are a big step forward. One of the worries on previous models was the speed of focusing but the water shot, in this collection, tells me the new models are a big step forward. Might have to think about doing some further blogging about these sort of situations as I am relied upon for keeping quiet and out of the way with a lot of my work, which I think is the big benefit of shooting mirrorless.