Festevol 2017

I wasn't going to shoot much live music this year, apart from commissioned work, until I got a few personal projects up and running and some website changes made. Not 100% there yet but along comes Festevol in a new venue and I couldn't resist. The Invisible Wind Factory is the perfect partner for Festevol and the lineup was ace. I started off with Pink Kink and finished with The Sundowners, both being even better than the last time I saw them, but I reckon my highlights were PINS and The Orielles.  I also got to catch up with a few folk, had some Evol flashbacks whilst Kirsten was DJing, was amazed about the amount of photographers shooting gigs these days, got an idea for a new personal project and I've got a list of new music to listen to. All is good.

Sterling work and hats off to Revo and team Evol.